Medical Wholesale & Retail Management System-MEDICARE : MediWMS & MediRMS

Software Solutions for Pharmaceutical distributors, Medical distributors etc..


  • Daily business functions are made easy, Customizable & expandable
  • Purchase, sales, inventory and complete accounting with financial reports like P&L, Balance Sheet etc.
  • Wide variety of useful reports have been provided with drill down facility
  • Easy-to-use User friendly Graphical user interface
  • VAT Enabled Software, Easy back-up facility ensures data security
  • Generates e-file for tax returns at the click of a button
  • User Manager Module allows user control by setting rights & restrictions
  • Information list views with key word search facility for faster data location.
  • All inclusive help file provides help with all modules


MediWMS is designed as a comprehensive solution to automate the business activities of Medical / Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors. MediWMS Software for distribution or Supply Chain is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. It provides the best supporting system for the Wholesale& Distribution Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind its success.

MediWMS is specially developed for medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, cosmetics stockists, distributors and wholesalers. It covers every aspect of the distribution business. It includes all features for online billing, inventory management and accounting up to finalization. MediWMS is an automated system, which covers Complete Accounting, Billing, Customer Management, Inventory Reporting, Product database etc. Thus this software is a Complete MIS tool for pharmaceutical business management both for large and medium Medical/Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors.

  • Built on N tire architecture.
  • Online (Internet based chat/Email/Remote Access) & Telephonic support through our dedicated call centre.
  • Very simple to use. No computer course is required. Workers in your shop can start using it within a few minutes.
  • Numerous short cut keys for quick operations. Helps to handle in rush hours. Already being used on counters with more than 1000 bills per day.
  • Includes almost everything that is required to effectively manage a pharma, surgical, cosmetics distribution business.
  • Numerous features & check-points are programmed into software to avoid/minimize losses at the time of purchase, sale, credit notes, outstanding, receipts, payments, stock & sales, purchase order and other operations. Helps to avoid losses in wrong rates, schemes, expiry, etc.
  • Includes complete accounting up to finalization. Avoid all time, money & efforts for maintaining separate accounting. Just feed your regular transactions. MediWMSwill automatically maintain all accounting Transactions.
  • Many features for managing inventory. Features include purchase order to purchase bill tracking, scheme qty tracking, rate history maintenance, tracking and auto debit note of expired goods received from retailers, non-moving & slow moving products, generating purchase orders, etc.
  • Many features for managing billing efficiently – quick billing mode, multiple billing windows, various alerts at the time of billing for party outstanding, credit days & credit amount limits, scheme alerts, bounced items, pending credit notes, etc.
  • Includes features for effectively manage multiple godowns.
  • Numerous methods for generating purchase orders – based on average sales, order ratio, minimum levels, etc.
  • Imports purchase bills of many companies – avoiding the time-consuming task of feeding lengthy purchase bills manually.
  • Effective outstanding management and numerous reports like area wise, salesman wise, etc.
  • Lots of business analysis features for stock, sales, accounting and profitability.
  • Drill down or Zoom in facility for almost all reports. Helps in getting very clear understanding of the data shown in reports. Very flexible reporting – search, sort, export any report.
  • Bulk SMS feature provided.
  • Data Exchange (for automatic feeding of purchase orders and converting to sale bills) facility between Retailers & Wholesalers.
  • VAT ready.
  • Lots of customization options including Bill Numbering series, Quick billing mode, various scheme calculation methods, Colour configuration, etc.
  • Provision to export sales & stock statement, which can be uploaded to your website.
  • Total independency.
  • Download setup anytime.
  • Data recovery tool in rare case of corruption due to sudden power failures.
  • Simplest method of closing financial year.
  • Integrated Backup & Restore tool.